Rental Management Features

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Tenant Data Management

Manage all your tenant data seamlessly in a single place. No more confusing excels or scattered files consisting of tenant information.

Having all data at single place greatly improves your business organisation

EKYC of Tenants

RentOS offers this advanced feature of Electronic KYC of your tenant. This improves your compliance and peace of mind.

Improve your compliance with rules and law with EKYC feature of RentOS

Online Rental Collection

It's super easy to now collect your tenant's rent online with RentOS

Accept your tenant's rent online with RentOS's rent collection feature.

Transaction Tracking

With RentOS, tracking each transaction is on your fingertips.

Access current and historical transactions pertaining to your real estate rental transactions

Complaint management

A winning feature to respond and manage your tenant's complaints. Now, earning your tenant's positive feedback is assured.

Respond and address each of your tenant's complaints with ease

Tenant exit & Checkout Management

RentOS being an end-to-end software, it covers the exit and checkouts of your tenants.

Have a digital footprint and record of your tenant's exit or checkout. Allows you to comply with law and rules as well as to maintain historic data of your past tenants.

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Customizable Reports

RentOS's stong analytics engine provides customizable reports that are important to you as a real estate manager.

Being prime feature of RentOS, a flexible, intelligent report feature allows you to generate custom reports

Occupancy Dashboard

With this unique feature, now you can see the occupancy levels through a dashboard given to you.

As a business owner, you will have updated information about occupancy rates under your real estate portfolio assets

Unlimited Notifications to Tenants

No limits for alerts you send to your tenants

Having all data at single place greatly improves your business organisation

And many more powerful features.……

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